Further Seminar

Looking forward to my seminar at Darwin Court will keep you posted.

Seminar with Trusted Travel

Delivering my seminar, regarding deaf awareness to the ladies and gentlemen at Trusted Travel, was extremely rewarding. It never ceases to amaze me how interested and therefore engaged in the subject my attendees are.  Thanks to all.  

Lunch and Learn with Julie Lightfoot

This month I was invited to speak at a network meeting hosted by my friend Julie MD of JL Consultancy.   The ladies there were so responsive and involved that as a result instead of the talk lasting half an hour it extended to one and half hours!
I really enjoyed my time with them and I would like to thank Julie for giving me the opportunity to act as a guest speaker as it was a new experience for me.

Guide Dot You

'This was the second seminar I attended given by Philip Parramore who's business is 'Guide Dot You'.  It was very good and I was given lots of helpful information.
We actually went over time as we were so busy networking!' 

'Sales Net'

A new venue for me at 'Sales Net' in the Clifton Trade Park; all new faces and contacts.   I talked to several people including a lady  called Melissa who runs a business 'Time For You' and is a massage therapist.  
Jeannie Schofield headed the network meeting and it was very well organised.  To begin we introduced outselves and our businesses, then we discussed how we could help one another and then half an hour informal networking.  

Astra Networking

Network8 has been re-launched and re-named as 'Astra'.
Ray Howard and Katherine Bell are working hard to build-up its membership.  We had a very good attendance this month and I wish them great success. 
Lunch at the Tea Rooms Southport
An impromptu meeting with my cousin Debbie Clark, who is the Business/Franchise Development Director at Courier Post Ltd Widnes, took us to 'The Tea Rooms' in Southport; there we had a lovely cup of tea and toast.  
​​We did get around to discussing our two businesses amid words like, 'mmmm this is nice' and 'I like the cups they are so delicate, lovely here isn't it?'   Debbie and I have always supported each other in our businesses so these meetings are always productive.

Lunch & learn at the Bartle Hall Hotel

Bartle Hall Hotel Network Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce

'This meeting was all about the use of social media and the work place relating to law, which was very good. It was a lovely place to have the meeting at Bartle Hall Hotel and the food was beautiful. I made some good connections and It was nice to be able to put a face to the names of Caroline Rayner -our speaker, and Rebecca Slater of Lancs Chamber of Commerce.'
'Sadly I did'nt win the two minute 'slot' to tell others about my business, but there will be other times.'   

Lunch & learn at the Bartle Hall Hotel

I am realy looking forward to this meeting at the Bartle Hall Hotel arranged by the Chamber of Commerce; it is a training meeting with regards to networking.  During the event there will be a chance to win a 2 minute pitch to advertise your own business!  Fingers crossed!

Utility Warehouse Event at the Hilton Hotel

'On Wednesday I met with Mo Pemberton at the 'Mooch' cafe in St Annes and she invited me to go with her to the Hilton Hotel for a seminar about Utility Warehouse on Monday 13th.   I am interested in how it works and is it for me?   I have been approached before and asked, ''would I like to join - up?''  but I need some more information.   We are going to the seminar and I will let you all know.'  

Deaf Awareness Seminar Feb 22nd

​'Guess who forgot to take her camera for some shots of the seminar today?  Oh well you will have to make do with a picture of of yours truly!   ​​
It was a great seminar, people were very interested in the subject especially deaf history and how the deaf community have had to cope with subjugation and isolation. 
We had a very good rapport and enjoyed some interesting conversations.
Thanks to all who came along and watch this space for the next seminar.'   

The Relaunch of 8 Networking​

'The 21st of February saw the relaunching of '8 Networking' at the Casino in South Shore.  I had already signed - up for another three months so I was very happy to see so many people attending.' 

'I met with Mo Pemberton; so pleased to see her in person, we have arranged to meet for coffee and to chat more.  I also chatted to Peter Jefferson who works with the charity 'Swallows' to help people with head and neck cancer; very nice man.'

​'Ray Howard has taken over the organisation of the group andI know she will do well.​​'

'The next meeting is on the 21st of March.  If you go make sure you take your business card with you as there is always a prize draw.'  

Power Networking To Find More Business

'Today I went to a seminar presented by Phillip Parramore.  I enjoyed hearing him explain how it is necessary to be genuine with your contacts and build relationships rather that state your business then hand over your card.  Also, although your contacts may not be of use to your business immediately they may be at a later date.  Good seminar and well presented.'   
'While at the seminar I got talking to my friend Julie Lightfoot who invited me to be a guest speaker at her own networking group 'Ladies who Lunch and Learn'.   She said I could do an hours talk about deaf awareness and how it helps businesses and the deaf community.  I am looking forward to that thanks Julie. '
Chamber of Commerce Meeting
'Today we had a 'Business Breakfast Meeting at Preston College 7.30 start - very tied!

I wasn't too sure I would understand all that was being said at the meeting but I was pleasantly surprised! as the guest speaker, Mr. Stephen Gregson was very easy to understand, he explained what was happening in commerce clearly and I enjoyed listening to him.  

The next guest speaker was a Mr Alistair Clayton who talked about how he managed to turn his business around following the loss of one of his major customers.  

​I wasn't made to feel out of my depth but felt very welcome.'

UCLan Northern Lights Festive Networking Tuesday 13th December

'On Tuesday I went to Northern Lights 'Christmas bash' and my friend Julie won the raffle!  A mentoring course with Jay Allen worth £900, well done Julie.' 
'The percussion band were all members from the audience!  None of them had ever played before but under tuition they were brilliant!
The food was lovely as per.... but I could not get to the chocolate cake quick enough before it was all gone!' 

New Seminar on the 22nd February 2017

Hi this is the news of my second seminar in deaf awareness.  It will be held at the Enterprise Centre on Lytham road in Blackpool on 22nd February 2017, between 9.30 and 12.30
There will be the usual refreshments, tea, coffee, water, cakes and biscuits. It will be held in the North room 2nd floor.  
​Look forward to seeing you

Blackpool Business Leadership Group

An early start this morning, half past seven at the Grand theatre for my first meeting with the members of the BBLG.  
I didn't know quite what to expect as I was told it was not a net-working event so what was it?
It was in fact a very enjoyable and informative getting together of many Blackpool business men and women who want to make a difference in their town by improving its facilities, attractions and image.
It works as they help organisations and projects that need publicity and support. 
'We heard from Neil Reid chairman of
He was explaining how the business started with just 10 people sitting around a table saying 'we have to do something about the numer of people living below the poverty line.'   And from there it snowballed.  Today we see food being collected in many stores including Sainsbury's and Booths.' 
​'We also heard from the local schools and colleges about a Christmas single called 'Miracle' they are producing it in aid of The Childrens' Society. It was very professional.  Anyone can buy it on line via iTunes.​​'
​'The BBLG meet once every two months to let people know what is happening in Blackpool and offer help and support to groups who need it.  In my next report in two months I'll remember to take my camera!'

​Blackpool Enterprise Center 22nd Nov

*​Comming Sortly*

'Hi this month we are presenting ​​a seminar for local business people who wish to learn deaf awareness. The seminar will take place at Blackpool Enterprise centre on 22nd of this month.   Twenty four eager students will be attending and we look forward to seeing them. Watch this space for further news.  Bye for now.'   

This is what happened

'Thanks to everyone who attended my seminar on 22nd of this month. It's so important that businesses sould be conforming to the 2010 Equality Act with regards to deaf awareness and I was please by the positive attitude shown by all those present.'

'I am very happy with my first seminar and the recomendations were brilliant. I can't wait for the next opportunity to demonstrate the need deaf awareness within the community.' 

Blackpool Buisiness Leadership Group

​On the 25th of this month I go to my first meeting with the BBLG but before that we were treated to an evening at the relauching of the Best Western Carlton Hotel!  

The food was lovely and we had great entertainment including a Gary Barlow tribute act, some 'ladies' from Funny Girls and a juggling act who I thought was brilliant!

We met a gentleman who supplied the furnishing for the Carlton hotel. His name is Kevin Rawcliffe of Ikon Furniture Ltd., This is him sitting in one of the chairs he designed.  He also helped with the local charity 'The Carers centre' by providing their furnishings for free!