'An extreemly useful awareness session and of particular usefulness in terms of the education that still needs to be done in organisations, in order to raise the standards of service to the deaf and hard of hearing customers and workforces.'

Guide Dot You


'It was great this presentation, thank you.' 

You me sign


'Good and informative course, well executed by the tutor, Frances.'
Blackpool Transport

'I had no preconceived ideas of what to expect when attending Frances's Deaf Awareness Training, however I thoroughly enjoyed the learining experience and leave with a better understanding of what it may be like to live with deafness.'

Home Comfort Services

'The course was very interesting and informative.  The course tutor was obviously passionate about the subject and all participants were involved and engaged.'

Home Comfort Services

'Frances presented a very informative workshop on deaf awareness.  I had very little knowledge of the subject beforehand but left with a much greater understanding of the issues that deaf people face.  Frances presented the workshop in a confident, professional manner and answered questions well.'

'Frances was an excellent tutor. She got her subject over very well and I learned a great deal about Deaf Awareness plus the issues surrounding deafness.  I enjoyed the course very much.'

Groundwork GLM 

'Frances has produced a deaf awareness course that gives a good basic introduction to the deaf community, it will be useful to companies and charities alike.'

'I feel that this course has been very helpful to me because I was not aware of deafness or how we deal with it, but now I am more knowledgeable.' 

'Frances presented well and the information she provided was informative and relevant.  She provided useful information to enable people to be deaf aware.' 

​'An interesting overview of the impact of a hearing impairment and deafness.'

'This was a real eye-opener!  as a young person to gain more knowledge about Deaf Awareness and would definitely love to go away and learn more.'

Baxter Life Training 

'With being a hearing loss person it was good to learn new things about deafness and in particular the Deaf Community History.'

Baxter Life Training

'As an instructor I have found this course very informative and will certainly endevour to use this information within my training courses.'

Baxter Life Training