BSL Interpretation

'Hello my name is Martyn and I have been asked to translate information to you about 'Welcome Deaf Awareness'and how it can help both you and your business. '    
'Welcome Deaf Awareness informs people about the deaf community; it's culture,education and history.   It also teaches the hearing community how best to communicate with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing and gives an inroduction to BSL (British sign language).  

One in six peopple are affected by a hearing loss, this can range from a moderate loss of hearing to being profoundly deaf.  This means you could have several people working at your company who have a hearing problem of which you know nothing about!

As a business person you will want the best for your staff and your company; Welcome Deaf Awareness will allow your staff to feel empowered with new skills.  It will tell them that you, as an organisation, care for the deaf community and the difficulties they have in the work place.  This will go towards staff development, improved team work and a better production output.  

If you are interested and would like to know more?  Then plaease contact Frances through '

Thank you